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Team foxx Health and wellness is a small black owned family business founded in Greensboro NC. Our interest started in this product when our founder, Mr William H Foxx III was diagnosed with diabetes and was looking for a natural supplement to help aid this disease. With careful research and close following of the teachings of the late master teacher Dr. Sebi, our founder Mr Foxx was able to reduce the effects of this deadly disease. After seeing a major transformation in his health and continuous use of the sea moss gel, we wanted to share it with the world in hopes to help others on the path to a healthy lifestyle and share the benefits of this product.
We make each jar of sea moss gel with passion and love to bring better health and wellness to all communities and around the world.
Our sea moss is sourced from the Caribbean waters of St. Lucia and Jamaica. We do not add any preservatives, or any other unhealthy additives to our Sea Moss Gel. It is purely made out of Organic Wildcrafted Sea Moss, key lime juice and spring Water.
Inspired by the master teacher Dr. Sebi, this superfood will take your health to the next level.

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